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For Year-round Interest and Easy Care: Succulents

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For Year-round Interest and Easy Care: Succulents

Anna Montgomery

During our second workshop of the Spring 2016 season, Stanley's hosted Knoxville-based author and plant expert John Tullock who shared why he believes succulents (a class of plants that stores water in thick leaves) may be the best plants for your house and garden:

  • Succulents are easy to grow and do not require as much attention as other plants.
  • Hardy and tropical varieties are available.
  • Succulents are tough and adapt easily as outdoor garden plants.
  • Many varieties produce interesting and attractive flowers.
  • Their growth habits, from trees to vines, give a wide range of design possibilities.

What are the differences between the popular cactus plant family and other succulents?

  • All cacti have papillae (protrusions, can be sharp) with spines.
  • Cacti are native only in the New World.
  • Most species of cacti need night and winter cold in order to bloom.
  • Cactus blooms can be spectacular.

In order for a succulent to thrive it needs:

  • A fast-draining soil or growing medium
  • Fertilization in the spring for outdoor plants
  • Fertilization after moving indoor plants to an outside location in the spring
  • Dry, cool, shady winter conditions without plant food for most cacti to bloom the following season
  • Tropical varieties need warm, sunny conditions and a minimum temperature of 35 degrees.

Some popular and hardy succulents include:

  • Sedum ternatum (native to Tennessee)
  • Sedum spurrium (many varieties)
  • Sedum 'Angelina'
  • Sedum sieboldii (October daphne)
  • Sempervivum (many varieties)

Some popular tropical succulents to grow include:

  • Kalanchoe
  • Crassula
  • Echeveria
  • Gastropetalum
  • Sedum burrito