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Stanley's Greenhouse is a family owned and operated plant farm and garden center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Weeks Roses

Since 1938, Weeks Roses has developed some of the broadest array of unique roses: grandifloras, floribundas, hybrid teas, climbers, shrubs, miniatures, and tree roses. For the Spring 2017 season, Stanley's has grown some of our customers' enduring favorites in the Weeks varieties, as well as seven stunning newcomers.

                                      Stanley's Weeks Varieties for 2017

Rose                                        Characteristics                                                                                         Rose type

NEW - All My Loving            Light-red to dark-pink blooms, 30-4o petal count; high-                          Hybrid tea
                                                    centered & fully doubled; moderate tea with slight spices
                                                    fragrance; upright, tall to spreading habit

NEW - Children's Hope        Red pom-pom flowers with over 45 petal count; with sligh.                     Polyantha
                                                   tea to fruity fragrance; every rose sold will support the                                  shrub
                                                   Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

NEW - Cupid's Kisses            Cerise pink with white eye blooms, 20-25 petal count;                            Patio climber
                                                    decorative, informal rose sizes; moderate fruity fragrance

NEW - Downtown Abbey     Old-fashioned apricot-gold gem; strong fresh-cut apple                               Shrub
'Edith's Darling'                      and fruit fragrance; full sized blooms with 50-65 petal count;
                                                    short upright bushy; perfect for taking indoors

NEW - Downtown Abbey    Exquisite spiraled, fully-double lavender blooms with                               Floribunda
'Violet's Pride'                         magenta hearts, 35-45 petal count; strong grapefruit and
                                                   fruity hints of spices fragrance

NEW-Easy to Please Bud    Fuchsia pink with lighter reverse blooms; moderate clove                        Floribunda
                                                  with hints of cinnamon fragrance; medium-tall upright bush;
                                                  blackspot resistant variety

NEW-Tropical Lightning   Orange with purple smoke-and-cream stripes, double formal                     Climber
                                                  blooms, 10-12' canes; moderate fruity to apple-like fragrance

About Face                              Very disease resistant variety; golden-orange inside, bronze-                  Grandiflora
                                                   to-red outside; 35 petal count; light fresh-cut apple fragrance

All A-Twitter                          Orange, pink, and glowing yellow blooms, 15-20 petal count;                 18" miniature
                                                   slight fragrance                                                                                                           tree

Bewitched                                Large, cotton-candy-pink blooms, 25-30 petal count;                                Hybrid tea
                                                   vigorous grower; rich rose fragrance

Chrysler Imperial                  Velvety dark-red blooms, 45-50 petal count;                                               Hybrid tea
                                                   rich strong damask rose fragrance

Coffee Bean                            Smoky red-orange inside and shiny rust-orange outside,                            Miniature
                                                  15-20 petal count; mild tea fragrance; own root roses,                              
24-30" petite
                                                  16-month-old bare-root plants                                                                                bush

Cutie Pie                                 Peach and yellow blend with dark pink double blooms, 25-                        Miniature
                                                 30 blooms; slightly fruity fragrance; 
own root roses,                                  24-30" petite
                                                 16-month-old bare-root plants                                                                                bush

Crescendo                              Creamy white with blush pink, 40 petal count; strong spicy                       Hybrid tea
                                                  fragrance; upright 5-6' bush

Don Juan                               Deep velvety-red climber with large blooms, 30-35 petal count;                 Climber
                                                 climbs 12-14'; blooms on old and new wood; strong rose

Double Delight                      Creamy buds blushing out to two-tone dark red, 30-35 petal                    Hybrid tea
                                                  count; strong, spicy rose fragrance

Downtown Abbey                Golden-tan with pink blush blooms,  with coppery reverse on                 Grandiflora
'Anna's Promise'                   on petals, 35 petal count; sweet & spicy fragrance

Downtown Abbey              Dark even pink, medium upright, old-fashioned ruffled large                    Grandiflora
'Pretty Lady Rose'              4-5" bloom, 45-65 petal count; strong peony & spice fragrance

Drop Dead Red                   Velvety, intense, jaw-dropping red, fully double medium blooms,            Floribunda
                                                about 30 petals

Easy Does It                        Mango orange, peach pink, & ripe apricot blooms, 25-30 petal                  Floribunda
                                               count; very disease resistant & blackspot resistant
                                               moderately fruity fragrance

Ebb Tide                               Smoke, deep-plum purple blooms, over 35 petal count; gets                      Floribunda
                                               better with age; strong spice, clove fragrance

Firefighter                       Long-stemmed, rich-red rose blooms, 40-45 petal count;                            Hybrid tea
                                               proceeds from sales of this rose benefit 9-11 victims;
super-strong, old-rose fragrance

First Prize                           Large fully double shimmering rose pink, 25-30 petal count;                      Hybrid tea
                                              mild tea fragrance

Fragrant Cloud                Large shapely, deep coral/red/orange blooms, 25-30 petal count;              Hybrid tea
                                             a vigorous bushy plant; strong, sweet spice & rose fragrance

Good As Gold                   Deep orange-yellow finish with kiss of red, double formal,                            Hybrid tea
                                            medium/large blooms up to 5" in diameter; around 30 petal
                                            count; grapefruit and citrus fragrance

Ingrid Bergman             A tribute to a radiant star with this clear red, long-lasting rose,                    Hybrid tea
                                           with fully double, very large blooms, 35-40 petal count; slight

Ink Spots                         Blackened velvety-red rose with medium-to-large bloom size,                       Hybrid tea
                                           30-35 petal count; habit is medium-tall/upright to spreading;
                                           light rose fragrance

Joseph's Coat                 Double flowers with ever-changing colorful hues of red, pink,                         Climber
                                          orange, and yellow, 23-28 petal count; canes reach 10-12'; blooms
                                          on old and new wood; light tea fragrance

Julia Child                      Rose was personally picked by Julia to bear her name; butter-gold              Floribunda
                                          blooms, 35-plus petal count; strong licorice and candy fragrance;
                                          blackspot resistant variety

Jump for Joy                 Peachy-pink blooms, 25 petal count; mild apple fragrance                             Floribunda

Ketchup & Mustard     Darkest yellow on backside of petals with ketchup red inside,                       Floribunda
                                         about 25 petal count; mild fragrance

Lava Flow                     Large, glowing custers of velvety-deep red blooms, 25-30 petal                    Floribunda
                                         count; light fragrance

Legends                          Monstrous buds lead to humungous blossoms of rich-ruby red,                  Hybrid tea
                                          hold brilliance from beginning to end, 30 petal count; long-
                                          cutting stems make an excellent addition to any rose garden;
                                          bush is medium-tall/upright; moderately fruity fragrance

Livin' Easy                     Apricot-orange colored blossoms, 25-30 petal count; very                           Floribunda
                                          disease resistant and blackspot resistant; moderate fruity

Love & Peace                 Large, full blooms of yellow-blushed pink, show vigorous color                   Hybrid tea
                                          in humid conditions, over 40 petal count; mild fragrance;
                                          good-looking medium/upright bush full with green foliage

Love Song                      Clear lavender, old-fashioned roses, over 40 petal count; mild                    Floribunda
                                         citrus fragrance 

Mardi Gras                   Yellow, orange, and pink with pointed red buds, well-formed                      Floribunda
                                         flowers in colorful clusters, 20-25 petal count; mild fragrance

Melody Parfumee        Classic bud, forms high centers of deep, plum-colored buds                        Grandiflora
                                         unfurling to full blooms of rich purple, 30 petal count; disease
                                         resistant foliage; heavy old-rose fragrance

Memorial Day              Celebrate our veterans with this orchid pink rose with enormous               Hybrid tea
                                         old-fashioned, fragrant blooms, over 50 petal count; strong
                                         damask rose fragrance; medium tall/upright bush plant, thrives
                                         on heat and shows good disease resistance

Mister Lincoln             A historic milestone in red roses that is still hard to beat; large                    Hybrid tea
                                        pointed buds and rich red, fully doublt, well-formed blooms  
                                        with a unique quality; 30-35 petal count; strong damask rose
                                       fragrance; bushes are tall and upright

Moondance                 Creamy white blooms, 25-30 petal count; upright habit; light                       Floribunda
                                      raspberry fragrance

Neil Diamond             A true diamond bloomer, produces numerous large pink-and-                      Hybrid tea
                                       white striped blooms that make a striking show, 40-50 petal
                                       count; intense, sweet, classic-rose fragrance

New Dawn                 Hardy and vigorous large pale-pink flowers, 35-40 petal count;                       Climber
                                      climbing canes reach 18-20'; blooms on old and new wood; 
                                     sweet rose fragrance

Pope John Paul II    Solid white, fully double blooms with over 45 petal count; vigorous               Hybrid tea
                                     grower and exceptional disease resistance; strong citrus-blossom

Pumpkin Patch          Coopery buds open to clusters of rich October-y orange colored                   Floribunda
                                      blooms, 25-30 petal count; fruity fragrance

Rio Samba                 Rich yellow, trimmed-in-orange blooms in small clusters, 25 petal               Hybrid tea
                                     count; light fragrance

Sedona                       Large double, coral-orange-blended blooms, 25-30 petal count;                    Hybrid tea
                                     strong pear fragrance

Sheila's Perfume       Large, hybrid tea-like blooms brushed with deep pink and yellow,               Floribunda
                                      25-30 petal count; strong rose and fruit fragrance

Shockwave                 Truest pure neon yellow, around 25 petals; medium habit; mild                  Floribunda

St. Patrick                  The luck of the Irish has a hand in this super hot-yellow bloomer,                Hybrid tea
                                     30-35 petal count; slight fragrance

Sugar Moon              Powerful pure white blooms with over 30 large petals; tall, upright              Hybrid tea
                                     habit; intense sweet citrus and rose fragrance

Sunshine Happy       Medium yellow to buttery gold blooms; 15-20 petal count; low/                    Ground-
Trails                           trailing habit; moderate fruit fragrance                                                                  cover

Take It Easy              Red with lighter reverse and white-centered blooms, 15-25 petal                 Floribunda
                                     count; great flowering power; slight tea fragrance; blackspot
                                     resistant variety

Tuscan Sun                Deep apricot-orange blooms, 25 petal count; generous bloomer;                 Floribunda
                                      bush size 3-1/2 x4'; light, spicy fragrance

Twilight Zone           Amethyst purple, deep velvet colored blooms with over 40 petal                 Grandiflora
                                     count; clove and lemony-citrus fragrance

Vavoom                      Popular with our UT fans for its UT-orange colored blooms which             Floribunda
                                     range from bright clear orange to orange juice-orange, over 35 petal
                                     count; low to medium, compact habit; moderate spicy fragrance

For more information about our rose varieties or availability, call 865-573-9591 and ask for a member of
our tree and shrub team headed by Nancy Schneider. We will be happy to help you.