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Stanley's Greenhouse is a family owned and operated plant farm and garden center in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Weeks Roses

Since 1938, Weeks Roses has developed some of the broadest array of unique roses: grandifloras, floribundas, hybrid teas, climbers, shrubs, miniatures, and tree roses. Each spring season, Stanley's grows many of our customers' enduring favorites in the Weeks varieties, and adds a number of outstanding new varieties as well.

                                      Stanley's Weeks Varieties for 2019

Rose                                        Characteristics                                                                                         Rose type

About Face                              Very disease resistant variety; golden-orange inside, bronze-                  Grandiflora
                                                   to-red outside; 35 petal count; light fresh-cut apple fragrance

All A-Twitter                          Orange, pink, and glowing yellow blooms, 15-20 petal count;                 18" miniature
                                                   slight fragrance                                                                                                           tree

All My Loving                          Light-red to dark-pink blooms, 30-4o petal count; high-                          Hybrid tea
                                                    centered & fully doubled; moderate tea with slight spices
                                                    fragrance; upright, tall to spreading habit

Bewitched                                Large, cotton-candy-pink blooms, 25-30 petal count;                                Hybrid tea
                                                   vigorous grower; rich rose fragrance

Children's Hope                     Red pom-pom flowers with over 45 petal count; with sligh.                     Polyantha
                                                   tea to fruity fragrance; every rose sold will support the                                  shrub
                                                   Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

Chrysler Imperial                  Velvety dark-red blooms, 45-50 petal count;                                               Hybrid tea
                                                   rich strong damask rose fragrance

Coffee Bean                            Smoky red-orange inside and shiny rust-orange outside,                            Miniature
                                                  15-20 petal count; mild tea fragrance; own root roses,                              24-30" petite
                                                  16-month-old bare-root plants                                                                                bush

Cupid's Kisses                       Cerise pink with white eye; decorative and informal rose                         Patio climber
                                                  sizes, 20-25 petal count; moderately fruit fragrance

Cutie Pie                                 Peach and yellow blend with dark pink double blooms, 25-                        Miniature
                                                 30 blooms; slightly fruity fragrance; own root roses,                                  24-30" petite
                                                 16-month-old bare-root plants                                                                                bush

Crescendo                              Creamy white with blush pink, 40 petal count; strong spicy                       Hybrid tea
                                                  fragrance; upright 5-6' bush

Don Juan                               Deep velvety-red climber with large blooms, 30-35 petal count;                 Climber
                                                 climbs 12-14'; blooms on old and new wood; strong rose

Double Delight                      Creamy buds blushing out to two-tone dark red, 30-35 petal                    Hybrid tea
                                                  count; strong, spicy rose fragrance

Downton Abbey                   Golden-tan with pink blush blooms,  with coppery reverse on                 Grandiflora
'Anna's Promise'                   on petals, 35 petal count; sweet & spicy fragrance

Downton Abbey                    Old-fashioned apricot-gold gem; strong fresh-cut apple                               Shrub
'Edith's Darling'                    and fruit fragrance; full sized blooms with 50-65 petal count;
                                                  short upright bushy; perfect for taking indoors

Downton Abbey                  Dark even pink, medium upright, old-fashioned ruffled large                    Grandiflora
'Pretty Lady Rose'              4-5" bloom, 45-65 petal count; strong peony & spice fragrance

Downton Abbey                     Exquisite spiraled, fully-double lavender blooms with                               Floribunda
'Violet's Pride'                         magenta hearts, 35-45 petal count; strong grapefruit and
                                                   fruity hints of spices fragrance

Drop Dead Red                   Velvety, intense, jaw-dropping red, fully double medium blooms,            Floribunda
                                                about 30 petals

Easy Does It                        Mango orange, peach pink, & ripe apricot blooms, 25-30 petal                  Floribunda
                                               count; very disease resistant & blackspot resistant
                                               moderately fruity fragrance

Ebb Tide                               Smoke, deep-plum purple blooms, over 35 petal count; gets                      Floribunda
                                               better with age; strong spice, clove fragrance

Firefighter                       Long-stemmed, rich-red rose blooms, 40-45 petal count;                            Hybrid tea
                                               proceeds from sales of this rose benefit 9-11 victims;
super-strong, old-rose fragrance

First Prize                           Large fully double shimmering rose pink, 25-30 petal count;                      Hybrid tea
                                              mild tea fragrance

Fragrant Cloud                Large shapely, deep coral/red/orange blooms, 25-30 petal count;              Hybrid tea
                                             a vigorous bushy plant; strong, sweet spice & rose fragrance

Good As Gold                   Deep orange-yellow finish with kiss of red, double formal,                            Hybrid tea
                                            medium/large blooms up to 5" in diameter; around 30 petal
                                            count; grapefruit and citrus fragrance

Ingrid Bergman             A tribute to a radiant star with this clear red, long-lasting rose,                    Hybrid tea
                                           with fully double, very large blooms, 35-40 petal count; slight

Ink Spots                         Blackened velvety-red rose with medium-to-large bloom size,                       Hybrid tea
                                           30-35 petal count; habit is medium-tall/upright to spreading;
                                           light rose fragrance

Joseph's Coat                 Double flowers with ever-changing colorful hues of red, pink,                         Climber
                                          orange, and yellow, 23-28 petal count; canes reach 10-12'; blooms
                                          on old and new wood; light tea fragrance

Julia Child                      Rose was personally picked by Julia to bear her name; butter-gold              Floribunda
                                          blooms, 35-plus petal count; strong licorice and candy fragrance;
                                          blackspot resistant variety

Jump for Joy                 Peachy-pink blooms, 25 petal count; mild apple fragrance                             Floribunda

Ketchup & Mustard     Darkest yellow on backside of petals with ketchup red inside,                       Floribunda
                                         about 25 petal count; mild fragrance

Lava Flow                     Large, glowing custers of velvety-deep red blooms, 25-30 petal                    Floribunda
                                         count; light fragrance

Legends                          Monstrous buds lead to humungous blossoms of rich-ruby red,                  Hybrid tea
                                          hold brilliance from beginning to end, 30 petal count; long-
                                          cutting stems make an excellent addition to any rose garden;
                                          bush is medium-tall/upright; moderately fruity fragrance

Livin' Easy                     Apricot-orange colored blossoms, 25-30 petal count; very                           Floribunda
                                          disease resistant and blackspot resistant; moderate fruity

Love & Peace                 Large, full blooms of yellow-blushed pink, show vigorous color                   Hybrid tea
                                          in humid conditions, over 40 petal count; mild fragrance;
                                          good-looking medium/upright bush full with green foliage

Love Song                      Clear lavender, old-fashioned roses, over 40 petal count; mild                    Floribunda
                                         citrus fragrance 

Mardi Gras                   Yellow, orange, and pink with pointed red buds, well-formed                      Floribunda
                                         flowers in colorful clusters, 20-25 petal count; mild fragrance

Melody Parfumee        Classic bud, forms high centers of deep, plum-colored buds                        Grandiflora
                                         unfurling to full blooms of rich purple, 30 petal count; disease
                                         resistant foliage; heavy old-rose fragrance

Memorial Day              Celebrate our veterans with this orchid pink rose with enormous               Hybrid tea
                                         old-fashioned, fragrant blooms, over 50 petal count; strong
                                         damask rose fragrance; medium tall/upright bush plant, thrives
                                         on heat and shows good disease resistance

Mister Lincoln             A historic milestone in red roses that is still hard to beat; large                    Hybrid tea
                                        pointed buds and rich red, fully doublt, well-formed blooms  
                                        with a unique quality; 30-35 petal count; strong damask rose
                                       fragrance; bushes are tall and upright

Moondance                 Creamy white blooms, 25-30 petal count; upright habit; light                       Floribunda
                                      raspberry fragrance

Neil Diamond             A true diamond bloomer, produces numerous large pink-and-                      Hybrid tea
                                       white striped blooms that make a striking show, 40-50 petal
                                       count; intense, sweet, classic-rose fragrance

New Dawn                 Hardy and vigorous large pale-pink flowers, 35-40 petal count;                       Climber
                                      climbing canes reach 18-20'; blooms on old and new wood; 
                                     sweet rose fragrance

Pope John Paul II    Solid white, fully double blooms with over 45 petal count; vigorous               Hybrid tea
                                     grower and exceptional disease resistance; strong citrus-blossom

Pumpkin Patch          Coopery buds open to clusters of rich October-y orange colored                   Floribunda
                                      blooms, 25-30 petal count; fruity fragrance

Rio Samba                 Rich yellow, trimmed-in-orange blooms in small clusters, 25 petal               Hybrid tea
                                     count; light fragrance

Sedona                       Large double, coral-orange-blended blooms, 25-30 petal count;                    Hybrid tea
                                     strong pear fragrance

Sheila's Perfume       Large, hybrid tea-like blooms brushed with deep pink and yellow,               Floribunda
                                      25-30 petal count; strong rose and fruit fragrance

Shockwave                 Truest pure neon yellow, around 25 petals; medium habit; mild                  Floribunda

St. Patrick                  The luck of the Irish has a hand in this super hot-yellow bloomer,                Hybrid tea
                                     30-35 petal count; slight fragrance

Sugar Moon              Powerful pure white blooms with over 30 large petals; tall, upright              Hybrid tea
                                     habit; intense sweet citrus and rose fragrance

Sunshine Happy       Medium yellow to buttery gold blooms; 15-20 petal count; low/                    Ground-
Trails                           trailing habit; moderate fruit fragrance                                                                  cover

Take It Easy              Red with lighter reverse and white-centered blooms, 15-25 petal                 Floribunda
                                     count; great flowering power; slight tea fragrance; blackspot
                                     resistant variety

Tropical                     Orange with purple smoke-and-cream stripes, double formal                         Climb
Lightning                  blooms, 10-12' canes; moderate fruity to apple-like fragrance

Tuscan Sun                Deep apricot-orange blooms, 25 petal count; generous bloomer;                 Floribunda
                                      bush size 3-1/2 x4'; light, spicy fragrance

Twilight Zone           Amethyst purple, deep velvet colored blooms with over 40 petal                 Grandiflora
                                     count; clove and lemony-citrus fragrance

Vavoom                      Popular with our UT fans for its UT-orange colored blooms which             Floribunda
                                     range from bright clear orange to orange juice-orange, over 35 petal
                                     count; low to medium, compact habit; moderate spicy fragrance

For more information about our rose varieties or availability, call 865-573-9591 and ask for a member of
our tree and shrub team headed by Amber Houser. We will be happy to help you.