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Stanley's Greenhouse is a family owned and operated plant farm and garden center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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English Shrub Roses

The queen of the garden is the fragrant and versatile rose. In addition to our Weeks roses (hybrid tea roses, grandifloras, floribundas, climbers, tree roses), miniature roses, drift roses, and knock-out roses, we grow English shrub roses bred by one of the most prolific and prize-winning breeders David Austin. Each year our roses were ready for planting in late April or early May. David Austin roses tend to sell very quickly, so call us (865-573-9591) for more information about availability of particular varieties.

David Austin Roses Grown at Stanley's

Rose Variety                          Size         Color and Habit                                          Fragrance

Abraham Darby                    5'x5'       Shades of apricot and yellow-tinted        Rich fruity fragrance
Own Root                                             pink

The Alnwick Rose              3.5'x5'     Rich pink cups                                            Rich old rose with raspberry notes
Own Root

Ambridge Rose 3’x2’ Pure apricot blooms, free flowering; Classic English myrrh scent
neat, bush growth; repeat flowering;
healthy and reliable

The Ancient Mariner 4’x4’ Large pink blooms, 160 petals, Strong, warm myrrh fragrance
repeat flowering, excellent disease

Bathsheba                                     10’    Large, many petalled apricot blooms, Superb myrrh fragrance with floral
good repeat flowering, healthy, and honey character
vigorous, short climber

Benjamin Britten 4’x3’ A variety of unusual colorings with glow- Strong, intense fruity fragrance
ing, pink-red rosette blooms; vigorous
and bush growth with excellent foliage,
repeat flowering

Charlotte                         4'x3'       Soft yellow blooms                                    Strong tea rose fragrance

Claire Austin                  4.5'x4'     Pale yellow buds, opening to                     Strong myrrh, with dashes of
                                                          creamy white                                                 meadowsweet, vanilla, and heliotrope

Crown Princess              5'x4.5'     Apricot-orange paling to soft yellow     Strong fruity tea fragrance
Margareta - Own Root

Crocus Rose                       4'x3'       Soft apricot center                                       Light tea rose fragrance

Darcey Bussell -                   3'x2'      Rich deep crimson coloring                      Fruity fragrance
Own Root

Eglantyne 4-1/2’x3’ One of our most beautiful roses with Charming sweet Old Rose
perfectly formed, soft pink blooms; fragrance
an exceptionally healthy & reliable rose;
repeat flowering

Falstaff 4’x3 1/2’ Large, cupped, full-petalled flowers of Powerful Old Rose fragrance
of rich, dark crimson; growth is strong,
bushy, rather upright; repeat flowering

Gentle Hermione -             4'x3'         Pure pink paling to a soft blush                 Old rose scent with hint of myrrh
Own Root

Gertrude Jekyll -             5'x3 1/2'     Rich pink                                                        Very fragrant, Old Rose scent
Own Root

Golden Celebration -     4.5'x4.5'     Rich golden yellow; exceptional                      Strong tea fragrance with hints of
 Own Root                                                 fragrance; in every way an outstanding          Sauternes wine and strawberry
garden rose; repeat flowering; ideal for
pots and containers; a Royal Horticulture
Society Award of Garden Merit winner

Graham Thomas -          5'x4'        Rich pure yellow; voted the world’s           Fresh tea rose fragrance with hints
Own Root favorite rose; RHS Award of Garden of violet
Climbing Rose Merit winner; highly fragrant; a
repeat bloomer

Heritage -                       5'x4'       Clear pink centers almost white                  Fruit, honey, and carnation fragrance
Own Root                                        outer petals

Lady Emma Hamilton      3'          Rich, tangerine-orange blooms;                 Strong, delicious, fruity fragrance
Tree Rose                                     tight bush style; flowers frequently           with hints of pear and citrus

The Lady of Shalott - 5’x4’ Striking apricot-yellow, chalice-shaped Pleasant warm, tea fragrance with
Own Root blooms; healthy with vigorous, bushy hints of spiced apple and cloves
growth; excellent disease resistance;
repeat bloomer; a RHS Award winner

The Mayflower                  3'         Rose pink                                                        Beautiful, very strong Old Rose
Tree Rose                                                                                                               fragrance

Molineux - Own              3'x2'        Rich yellow coloring                                    Tea fragrance with musky background

Munstead Wood -        3'x2 1/2'   Deep velvety crimson; multi-award                 Strong old rose fragrance with notes
Own Root winning rose, exceptional fragrance, of blackberry, blueberry & damson
repeat flowering

The Pilgrim -             8'x10'      Soft yellow, full bloomer, part shade        Tea and myrrh scents
Own Root

Princess Alexandra 5’x4’ Magnificent shrub rose, deep pink Strong, delicious fresh tea with
of Kent
repeat flowering, good disease hints of lemon and black currants
resistance, highly fragrant, ideal for
pots and containers

Princess Anne -          Bushy       Clusters of deep pink blooms, prize- Lovely tea rose fragrance
Own Root                      Upright     winning rose, flowers over a long period
repeat flowering, ideal for poor soil,
good disease resistance

Queen of Sweden
5’ x 3’ Soft apricot pink, repeat flowering Classic myrrh fragrance
140 petals, good disease resistance
ideal for poor soil

Teasing Georgia 4’x3-1/2’ Rich yellow rosette-shaped blooms, Lovely medium to strong tea
repeat flowering; growth is strong fragrance
but graceful; prune in summer to keep
a compact shrub; very hardy, with
excellent disease resistance

Tess of the d'Urber-       6-8'   Large crimson-violet blooms;                    Medium Old Rose fragrance
villes - Own Root           climber excellent repeat bloomer

Tranquillity -              5'x3'      Tinged yellow buds open to pure             Light Apple fragrance
Own Root                                        white

The Wedgewood             10'        Soft pink color with an Old Rose                Medium fruity fragrance on the
Rose - Own Root      climber   appearance, medium-to-large blooms;     outside and clove fragrance on the
                                                      good disease resistance                                 inside
Winchester Cathe-       4'x4'     Mass of white flowers; excellent                  Strong Old Rose fragrance with
dral - Own Root                       repeat bloomer; medium-sized blooms;     hints of honey and almond blossom
                                                    loose-petalled rosettes of Old Rose

Wollerton Old Hall 5’x3’ Beautiful, chalice-shaped blooms of soft A strong myrrh scent with a delicious
apricot paling to cream; forms a parti- citrus note
cularly healthy, upright, bush shrub with
few thorns

For more information about our rose varieties and/or availability, call 865-573-9591 and ask for a member of our
tree and shrub team headed by Amber Houser. We will be happy to help you.