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Stanley's Greenhouse is a family owned and operated plant farm and garden center in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Weeks Roses

Since 1938 Weeks Roses has provided starter, patented roses that are grown at garden centers and nurseries across the United States. They are known for their wide selection of award-winning roses, climbers, hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, miniature roses, polyanthra shrubs, shrub roses, and tea roses. We have been growing Weeks Roses here at Stanley’s for decades. Here are just a few of the Weeks Roses we grew for 2019. If you are looking for a particular variety or need more information, please call us at 865-573-9591.

Weeks Roses Grown at Stanley's

Variety Description, Color, Habit, Fragrance Rose Type

Above All Continuous bloomer; salmon-orange blooms, 25-30 petals; very Climber
strong disease resistance; climbing, spreading habit; long for a
climber, long canes of 10-14 feet; fruity fragrance

All My Loving Light red to dark pink, high-centered, fully double blooms, 30-40 Hybrid tea
petal count; upright, tall to spreading habit; moderate tea with hints
of spice fragrance; introduced in 2017

Arctic Blue Large clusters of lush lavender blooms with a reverse that is a lovely Floribunda
creamy white, 35-petals, fully blooms, very good disease resistance

Cupid’s Kisses Cerise pink with white eye; decorative and informal rose; with a Patio climber
moderate, fruity fragrance; introduced in 2017

Don Juan A deep red climber with large blooms, 30-35 petal count; blooms Climber
on old and new wood; climbs 12-14 feet; strong old rose fragrance

Double Delight Eye-catching cream blushing red blooms, 30-35 petal count, large, Hybrid tea
full flowers; strong spicy rose fragrance; the most popular Weeks
Rose introduced over the past 30 years

Downton Abbey Celebrating the Anna Bates character of Downton Abbey for her Grandiflora
Anna’s Promise true heart and steadfast love; pink blush and glowing bronze
reverse, elegant blossoms; spicy fruit fragrance; introduced in 2017

Downton Abbey Celebrates the Downton Abbey character Edith’s beloved daughter Shrub rose
Edith’s Darling Marigold; old-fashioned, soft apricot-gold blooms; strong, fresh
cut apple/fruity fragrance; introduced in 2017

Downton Abbey Celebrates the Downton Abbey character Rose; dark, even pink, Grandiflora
Pretty Lady Rose old-fashioned, ruffled, large 4-5 inch blooms, 45-65 petal count;
medium upright growing habit; strong peony and spice fragrance;
introduced in 2017

Downton Abbey Exquisite spiraled, fully double lavender with magenta heart, 35- Floribunda
Violet’s Pride 45 petal count; strong grapefruit and fruity scent with hints of
spice; introduced in 2017

Drop Dead Red Velvety, intense, jaw-dropping, fully double blooms, about 30 petal Floribunda
count; upright to slightly rounded, bushy growing habit; very good
disease resistance; blooms often grow in clusters; introduced in 2010

Easy on the Eyes An easy-to-grow, easy-to-care for rose from Weeks’s Easy to Love Shrub rose
line of roses; naturally disease resistant; medium pink flowers with Own Root
a magenta heart, semi-double blooms, 15-20 petals; medium, rounded
rounded plant with clean, dark, glossy foliage; moderate citrus-like
and spice fragrance; introduced in 2018

Easy Spirit From the Weeks Easy to Love line, has natural excellent disease Floribunda
resistance; white with cream base, blooms spiraled, formal, and
double, 30-40 petal count; medium, upright habit; great cut flower
introduced in 2018

Easy to Please An Easy-to-Love Weeks Rose with very good disease resistance; Floribunda
fuchsia pink with a lighter pink on the reverse, decorative and
double bloom, medium-sized blooms grow in clusters, 20-30 petal
count; medium-tall upright bush; clove with himts of cinnamon
fragrance; introduced in 2017

Ebb Tide Smoke, deep-plum purple blooms; over 35 petal count; strong Floribunda
spice clove fragrance

Fragrant Cloud Large shapely, deep coral/red orange blooms, 25-30 petal count; Hybrid tea
a vigorous, bushy plant; strong, sweet spice and rose fragrance

Frida Kahlo Celebrating the unique Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who said, “I Floribunda
paint flowers so they will not die.” Scarlet, red striped gold flower
with red blush on finish, 25 to 40 petals, very good disease

Good As Gold Deep orange-yellow finish with a kiss of red; tall/upright shrub Hybrid tea
double, formal, medium large blooms, up 5-in. diameter; grape-
fruit and citrus fragrance

Iceberg Long pointed buds and crisp white flowers; extremely good disease Floribunda
resistance; mild honey fragrance

Ink Spots Blackened, velvety red rose, with medium to large bloom size, Hybrid tea
30-35 petal count; medium-tall/upright to spreading habit; light
rose fragrance

John F. Kennedy A tribute rose honoring the 35th president of the U.S.; large, pure Hybrid tea
white flowers, 40-45 petal count; intoxicating fragrance

Joseph’s Coat Double flowers with ever-changing colorful hues of red, pink, orange, Climber
and yellow colors, 23-28 petal count; blooms on old and new wood,
canes reach 10-12 feet; light tea fragrance

Julia Child Celebrates the culinary sensation Julia Child; AARS award winner; Floribunda
butter yellow; consistent and hardy; highly fragrant; excellent
disease resistant; another Easy-to-Love Weeks Rose

Jump for Joy Peachy pink blooms, 25 petal count, mild apple fragrance Floribunda

Ketchup and Mustard Darkest yellow on backside of petals with ketchup red inside, Floribunda
about 25 petal count, mild apple fragrance; a very popular
rose, call us at 865-573-9591 to order in the summer or fall
for the next spring season

Legends Huge (5-8 inches in diameter), full, and ruffled blooms, resilient, Hybrid tea
bright, ruby red sometimes kissed with ebony blossoms, around
30 petal count; long stems; very good disease resistance; medium
to medium-tall growth habit; introduced in 2009

Life of the Party Old-fashioned soft yellow blooms with a kiss of pink; fruity Floribunda

Livin’ Easy Apricot-orange colored blooms; moderate fruity fragrance, very Floribunda
disease resistant; another Easy-to-Love Weeks Rose

Love and Peace Large, full blooms of yellow-blush pink, over 40 petal count; Hybrid tea
vigorous showing of color in humid conditions; a good-looking
medium, upright bush with deep green foliage; mild fragrance

Love Song Long-lasting lavender old-fashioned-shaped flowers; over 40 petal Floribunda
count, fully-double ruffled bloom; very good disease resistance

Memorial Day An excellent choice to celebrate Memorial Day; orchid-pink, large Hybrid tea
old-fashioned, fragrant blooms, over 50 petal count; medium tall
upright, bushy plant; thrives on heat and good disease resistance;
a strong damask rose fragrance; if you are interested in this rose,
we suggest you call 865-573-9591 and order it in the summer or fall
before the next spring season

Mister Lincoln An historic milestone in red roses that is still hard to beat; large, Hybrid tea
pointed blooms with a velvety quality you have to feel to believe,
blooms are large and fully double dark red, 30-35 petal count;
bushes are tall and upright; a strong damask rose fragrance; if you
are interested in this rose, we suggest you order by calling 865-573-
9591 in the summer or fall before the next spring season

Neil Diamond A true diamond bloomer, producing large, fully double flowers, 40- Hybrid tea
50 petal count, pink-and-white stripes make this an eye-catcher;
an upright, tall growing habit; intense, sweet, classic rose fragrance

New Dawn Hardy and vigorous, large pale pink flowers; climbing canes reach Climber
18-20 feet, blooms on old as well as new wood; 35-40 petal count:
sweet rose fragrance

Peace Blend of lemony yellow, edged pure pink, large blossoms, 40-45 Hybrid tea
petals; mild fruity fragrance; AARS winner when it was introduced
in 1946

Pope John Paul II A hugely popular rose variety that sells out very quickly; solid white, Hybrid tea
large, fully-double blooms; vigorous growth and exceptional disease
resistance; if you are interested in this rose, call us at 865-573-9591
and place an order for one in the summer or fall for the next spring

Rio Samba Rich yellow-trimmed in orange blooms that grow in small clusters; Hybrid tea
over 25 petals; slight fragrance

Rosie the Riveter Celebrates the women who worked in factories and shipyards during Floribunda
World War II; old-fashioned unusual flowers of orange-gold
suffused with pink, 30 to 45 petal count; introduced in 2018, good
disease resistance

Shockwave Truest pure neon yellow blooms, around 25 petals; medium habit; Floribunda
mild fragrance

Sugar Moon Powerful pure white blooms, over 30 petal count; tall, upright habit; Hybrid tea
intense sweet citrus and rose fragrance

Tiddly Winks Orange, pink, and glowing yellow blooms, mild fragrance; long- Miniature
lived blossoms, 15-20 petal count; tidy, round, and compact Ownroot Patio

Tropical Lightning Orange with purple smoke and cream stripes, double formal Climber
blooms with 10-12-foot canes, 25-30 petal count, moderate
fruity to apple fragrance; introduced in 2017

Vavoom UT orange blooms, over 35 petal count; moderate spicy fragrance Floribunda

For more information about our rose varieties and/or availability, call 865-573-9591 and ask for a member of our
tree and shrub team headed by Amber Houser. We will be happy to help you.