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Oakleaf Hydrangea, A Nearly No-Maintenance Beauty

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Oakleaf Hydrangea, A Nearly No-Maintenance Beauty

Anna Montgomery

Yes, oakleaf hydrangea (hydrangea quercifolia) has it all: lovely scent, excellent growth, and easy to grow. I have had mine for about a decade, and they have created (with the help of my pruning shears) a dramatic bower of shade in my backyard. Here are some of the reasons it is an excellent choice for your garden or landscaping.

  • Once established, oakleaf thrives with no attention. I don't water mine in the hottest of our summers, and they go right on blooming like crazy.
  • Oakleaf can flourish in full sun to part shade. 
  • Since this hydrangea is native to the Southeastern U.S., it is well adapted to the unpredictable climate we have here in the Tennessee Valley.
  • Although you might not think of its your first cut flower alternative, oakleaf hydrangea is a lovely, long-lasting cut flower with a light, delicious scent.
  • The flowers are a brilliant, clean white and get a pink tint with a bit of time.
  • I prune the dead flowers from my shrubs once a year, cut them back from the walkway when they get too excited in their growing stage, and that's it!

We have some lovely oakleaf hydrangreas in stock now. And fall is a great time to plant them!