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Stanley's Greenhouse is a family owned and operated plant farm and garden center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Refresh Yourself as Well as Your Garden With Fall Color

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Refresh Yourself as Well as Your Garden With Fall Color

Anna Montgomery

Finally the hot brutal summer is behind us and much-needed rain and cooling temperatures have arrived. Time to pull out those scraggly annuals and plant some fall color.

With their myriad colors, our first crop of pansies, violas (smaller than pansies, but typically more hardy), and panolas (a charmer combining some of the best points of both) looks fantastic as well. If you are a "transplant" to the Knoxville area or new to gardening, you might not realize that pansies, panolas, and violas planted this fall not only survive our winters but actually bloom off-and-on through the winter and into late spring. Their little smiling pansy "faces" are a real lift to see out your window when nothing else is blooming on our cold February days.

To brighten the autumn and Thanksgiving seasons, our chrysanthemums are exceptionally beautiful this year, as well as our Fall Magic Proven Winners varieties that are bred to perform beautifully and consistently in cool-weather conditions. Whether you use them for containers or in beds, many of these plants will flourish to the first frost. Every Fall Magic plant offers something special: a color change brought on by cool weather, an unusual texture, or a blooming habit that opens a whole realm of fall garden design possibilities.

If instant gratification is your goal or you need a gift or centerpiece, our lead designer Jessica has just completed a number of stunning flowering and foliage plant arrangements in many sizes. Alternately, if you have a container or want to choose from our large selection, Jessica or another of our talented designers will be happy to plant it to your color and design specifications.

At Stanley's we feel fortunate to be a part of the greening of our city through the vitality of our downtown, renewal of some of our lovely older neighborhoods, establishment of the Knoxville Urban Wilderness Corridor, and the July groundbreaking for the Suttree Landing Park. Knoxville's first new park in 10 years, Suttree Landing, will be near us here at Stanley's and will include 8 acres along the Tennessee River as part of our city's South Waterfront Development project. Along with the continuing great work of South Knoxville's Ijams Nature Center, these efforts are just a few reasons why Knoxville is a great place to live.

If your home and garden could use a little greening of its own, we have a large selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials to give your yard the curb appeal that is not only aesthetically pleasing but increases the value of your property. Strategic fast-growing shade-tree placement can also decrease your air conditioning bills in the summer. Our tree and shrub manager Nancy and her friendly, knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you make the best selections.

Ever wonder why some yards always look the best? The secret is probably in soil preparation and "nutrition", and fall is the perfect time to improve the condition of your soil. We sell Fafard soil and container mix--the same soil mix we use for growing our plants at Stanley's--as well as the finest organic products that enrich your plants naturally: Espoma plant foods and potting soils, Black Kow composted cow manure, mushroom compost soil conditioner, and earthworm castings. All are tried-to-true performers that improve your garden's beauty and productivity.

So get away from your indoor cares and responsibilities, take a deep breath of fresh outdoor air, and refresh yourself as well as your garden with fall color!

-- Monte Stanley