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Growing Food No Matter Where You Live

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Growing Food No Matter Where You Live

Anna Montgomery

This year you may be considering growing more of your own food, or perhaps growing just your own herbs, tomatoes, and salad greens. Here are a few ideas from Knoxville-based author of “Seed to Supper” author (and gardener) John Tullock.

You can grow food many different ways

  • At a windowsill or under artificial lights

  • In containers on a balcony, deck, or patio

  • In raised beds in the yard

  • In a traditional in-ground garden

Most people use a variety of methods, depending on the crop and time of year.

Plan for the entire year

  • Purchase seed for fall and winter gardening in spring, when selection is best

  • Think about how you actually use each crop; are you making pickles or do you just want fresh cucumbers for salad?

  • Understand succession planting and intercropping

  • Look for cultivars that work best in your situation; compact varieties are best for container

  • Don’t forget herbs, small fruits, edible flowers, and fungi

Plan your garden based on your kitchen

  • What are your family's favorite vegetables?

  • Which crops cost the most in the grocery store?

  • Which crops will bear over a long season without replanting?

  • Which crops store well?

Be a creative cook and you’ll be able to use everything you produce in the garden

  • Learn techniques, not recipes

  • Use common sense and substitute when you need to

  • Learn basic food preservation techniques

  • Taste before, during, and after cooking

For more information, check out John’s Seed to Supper page on Facebook,, for tips and seasonal recipes each week.