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Fall Garden Preparation 101 for Knoxville/East Tennessee Gardens

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Fall Garden Preparation 101 for Knoxville/East Tennessee Gardens

Anna Montgomery

Fall is the ideal time to prepare your garden for spring. 

  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs in early fall (September-November) before the ground freezes

    • Bulbs are available for purchase in local nurseries and garden centers by late summer.

    • Plant daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, jonquils, and so on. Bulbs need several months of cool winter weather to develop strong roots for spring bloom. 

    • When planting, place bulb with root down and tip facing upward. Follow grower instructions on label regarding planting depth; water thoroughly after planting. 

  • Add spring-blooming shrubs to the landscape

    • Azaleas, rhododendron, viburnum, and roses.

    • Shrubs planted in the fall develop strong root systems during winter months and benefit from winter rains.

  • Do not prune spring-blooming shrubs in the fall (this removes flower buds). Azaleas, hydrangeas and viburnum should be pruned following their bloom time.

  • The City of Knoxville conducts regular leaf pick up from November through February each year.

    • Brush pick up is limited to one truck per area from November - February

    • Full brush pick up resumes in March and April

  • Dogwood Trees – according to the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture’s Plant Science Department, December is the ideal time to plant dogwood trees. You can purchase dogwood trees at Stanley’s Greenhouse or other local garden centers, or order trees from Dogwood Arts through the Bazillion Blooms tree program at the following link:

  • If you are on a Dogwood Trail, fall is a perfect time to clean up and prepare your trail entrance beds

Fall garden work prepares your garden and landscape for a beautiful spring!

[This information is adapted from information prepared by the Dogwood Arts Trails Committee as dictated by Dogwood Arts Board Advisor Lloyd King.]