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What to Do With Poinsettias After the Holidays

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What to Do With Poinsettias After the Holidays

Anna Montgomery

Ok, honestly I do not have the time required to care for poinsettias all year long in the hopes of getting them to rebloom for the next holiday season. I rely on Stanley's Greenhouse's growing experts to do that for me!

However, if you are a person who has a green thumb, enjoys a challenge, and has a good deal of time to devote to the effort, here are the steps you can follow to encourage your poinsettias to bloom again next Christmas.

  • As you have throughout the holiday season, check to ensure that your poinsettias get enough water, but remove any decorative sleeves or paper wrappings at the base of the plants so you can water freely without the plants standing in water.

  • Place your poinsettias where they will receive at least 6 hours of indirect, but bright, sunlight each day.

  • In mid-April pinch back the stems to 6-8 inches and place the plants in a sunny location. When new growth begins, you may use a liquid fertilizer to ensure the plants get enough minerals, especially calcium.

  • When outdoor temperatures maintain at least 50 degrees at night, you may place your poinsettias outside, first in a shady location, followed by a brighter one after the plants are acclimmated to full sun. Remember, poinsettias are native to Mexico and Guatamala and enjoy bright sunlight and warm weather during their growing season.

  • Repot your poinsettias in a larger pot to encourage further root development.

  • For holiday flowering, do not prune your poinsettias after September 1.

  • When nighttime temps fall to 55 to 60 degrees, bring the plants back inside and place them in a sunny location.

  • In order to encourage your plants to bloom in time for the holidays, your poinsettias will need 14 continuous hours of darkness followed by 6-8 hours of bright sunlight starting in October.

  • If all goes well, you will enjoy colorful, blooming poinsettias in late November--in time for the holiday season.

If all, does not go well, come to Stanley's Greenhouse in November or December, and we will be happy to help you choose from our large range of poinsettias grown here by our plant experts! So happy New Year--and happy growing!